Hot Makeup Tips for Men: Eyeliner & Concealer Why Not?

Most women love makeup, but what about the men. I know to some this may sound off the wall, but men need to improve their face appearance, and feel good about themselves. Years ago if a man was caught wearing eye makeup automatically people assumed he was gay, but nowadays this is not true.
You have famous hot celebrities such as Bret Michaels, Chris Daughtry, Leif Garret, Dave Navarro, Nikki Sixx, Pete Wentz, David Cook, Ozzy Osbourne, Steven Tyler, Zac Efron, and the good old Elvis Presley. None of these male celebrities are or were gay. Matter of fact, some of them look pretty hot actually with the guyliner on.

The male skin needs more attention. They sweat and the skin gets very greasy, which causes a lot of face issues. A concealer can help cover up any acne marking, scars, tired eyes, wrinkles, or skin blemish. A eyeliner can make a guys eye pop out, brighten them up, and make their lashes appear longer.

Where To Find Guyliner, And Concealer For Men

To be perfectly honest with you your better off wearing woman’s liner. It’s all the same stuff, and will work just as good. But if you insist on the actual thing, then head over to Wal-Mart, Rite Aid, CVS, Hot Topic, or a local cosmetic store. Online you can purchase the Guyliner Pen for $22.00 at myspashop. Search around on Ebay, you can probably find it half the price.

Mens Concealer

Popular retailers such as Sephora, Amazon, Ebay, or The Menpen carry concealers, bronzers,or foundation just for men.


Applying Men Makeup

Are there any rules to choosing and applying makeup on men? Sorta of yes. While women look for perfection with their makeup, men look for the smudgy messy look. The messier the makeup, the better it looks on most.

DO NOT wear shimmer, pastel, or frosts. Stick mainly with velvet black, dark brown, charcoal gray, or navy blue.

Very simple application. Draw a thick bold line on top of the upper eyelid. Then using a shadow brush or q-tip smudge it, so the liner is all blended into the corner.

Then apply the liner inside the bottom lid and smudge again. The corners of the eyes should resemble having black shadow on almost.

The concealer can be applied the same as a woman. Make sure to exfoliate the face, and apply a moisturizer before any concealer goes on.

Makeup can be worn for any occasion. Just because makeup is known for women doesn’t mean men can’t wear it. I can’t picture my husband wearing any kind of makeup, but other men I can.

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