Event Planning In New York Is A Great Profession

New York is a place that is bustling with people, rather, with people who love to party all year round. People splurge on various celebrations, thus Event planning in New York is a lucrative profession to be in. There are a bundle of benefits that govern this profession, like:

* INCOME –This profession has a good income potential. Initially, you have to keep it on a less profit, more business basis, but eventually, when you master this profession, you can be the king and trust me, if you’ve made a brand out of your event planning company by your quality work, New York has loads of customers ready to pay anything for an extravagant occasion, which catches all the eye balls around.

* LEGALITIES – Unlike other business, like a manufacturing unit etc., this business does not require any tedious legal procedures. The business does not require any kind of license also. So, launching it is not a problem at all. Simply give a suitable name, print some visiting cards, and design a fancy brochure and a website, which is most important for broader visibility. Then, register your business with online yellow pages and you are done. Altogether, a hassle free setup, ascertained.

* TIMINGS – Work timings are very flexible and adjustable as per your suitability. For corporate event planners, you can even have a chance of enjoying each and every Sunday, usually. You could be working during the day, night or weekends depending upon the event schedule and the work status. You  do not have to make it full time work initially, you work part time with keeping your current job going and eventually when you feel that you are on the right tract and settling you can make it a full time business. This is a creative job and creativity is never time bound, though while arranging events this liberty cannot be considered, but timing flexibility facility is always available.

* INFRASTRUCTURE –This profession does not require a big infrastructure. You can even manage it sitting at home with a computer, a fax, phone and a printer. Eventually, as you progress you can get a good office for yourself, but initially, event planning is easy on your pocket and can be managed without an infrastructural muscle.  Simply, get some spaces made in your bedroom or if you have a spacious abode, then a special room for the same and that’s it.

* SET UP COST – Numerous other professions and business require immense initial investments. This profession does not fall into the category. The initial set up costs are very less and require minimum investment. If you are not able to manage the same, you can seek help from your family or relatives or find a bank. The investment being less, paying back would not be stressful also. Event planning is a profession, with low investments and high returns.

* MONTHLY EXPENDITURES – There are not monthly salaries to be paid to all the people associated with you. It is on a contract basis always, so you do not have to pay when you are out of work, initially. Though, after you attain maturity and consistent work it happening, you may have to hire a regular staff. But, initially you are out of this which makes it quite easy on your pocket and less stressful also.

* ENVIRONMENT – The work environment is amazingly action-packed, enthusiastic and fun filled. Work has to be done, but at the same time the ambience, the setup, people working together, all this activities add that party touch to it. Work is fun, at times, it also involves late night shifts, but it is all the party way. One never feels the stress of time & then it has to be like that because, more the people are relaxed while working, and more the quality would be enhanced.

* QUALIFICATION – This is one profession which does not require any degree or diploma officially.  The only qualification you have to possess is creativity, or a taste for it, patience, and planning and management knack. You also have to be a good observer and be updated with the trend of the times. Innovation is a value addition always. But, educational qualification is not a must. It you have a degree in business administration or in event management are well n good, but not a must at all.

* MISCALLANEOUS – If you are a event planner for musical shows, dance shows, fashion shows, you can well get to be with the glamorous celebrities and feeling the show closely, meeting the high profile celebrities , rock stars, sports stars etc. Another advantage would be travelling to exotic places, which otherwise could be a costly and time consuming affair. With event planning it would be more of a business trip only. After the job is done, it would be time for partying only. You also come in contact with various people famous, intelligent and experienced, but observing them, learning what is good and gaining knowledge could be a great and useful to you eventually.

Even though, event planning involves a lot of creative work, planning, monitoring, arrangements and management on a time bound schedule, innovation and ideation and the last and most important thing, perfectness. Hard work is surely there, as it is in every other profession, but here it is interesting and romping.

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Overall, event planning in NYC is one of the most fruitful, gainful, interesting, and exciting and satisfying professions, satisfying because when you put up a high quality event & get praises from your client, the satisfaction you get is worth a million bucks. So, if being an event planner in NYC is on your mind, it is a great idea, but some research and overall commitment is highly required for being a successful one.

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