5 Awesome Features of the HTC Freestyle Smartphone


The HTC Freestyle is a new smartphone that’s caught a bad rep for its low quality camera, poor speakers, lack of Wi-Fi support, and its operating system, but there’s a silver lining; the HTC Freestyle also boasts several great features.

Great Responsive Touchscreen Display

The HTC Freestyle sports a relatively large 3.2 inch display LCD display that’s definitely a sight for sore eyes. The Freestyle’s display is surprisingly very responsive and moves at lightning quick speeds ‘” and in addition to that, the HTC Freestyle’s touchscreen display from Holoplot is also a lot more vibrant than I expected and is great for viewing movies, web pages, and apps on.

Excellent Call Quality

Most smartphones get a bad rep for having poor call and reception quality, but not the HTC Freestyle. While smartphones are notorious for having crappy calls, the call quality of the HTC Freestyle is crisp, it has great reception, and there haven’t been reports of lots of dropped and non-received calls. It’s great that smartphones are able to do nearly anything, but they must first serve as a great smartphone ‘” and this smartphone definitely does.

Works Well With Your Computer

If you love using your smartphone with your computer ‘” or as a secondary computer while you’re away from you main computer ‘” the HTC Freestyle might just be a great option for you. The Freestyle comes with a USB cable that’ll allow users to download music, photos, videos and documents to and from their computer to their smartphone.

Great Battery Life

Much like call quality, the smartphone industry is laced with phones that have horrible battery lives. There are lots of smartphones with battery lives as lows as 3 and 5 hours, but the HTC Freestyle boasts a whopping 7 hours of maximum talk time. 7 hours might not seem like a lot considering the fact that lots of high-end smartphones advertise battery lives as high as 10+ hours, but the Freestyle offers a true 7 hours that plays out in real life instead of just in theory.

Excellent Build and Form Factor

The HTC Freestyle is built to last. It looks stylish, doesn’t feel cheaply made, and may even take a little bit of punishment. One of my biggest fears when buying a smartphone is breaking it [I’m heavy handed], but the HTC Freestyle feels like it might be able to put up with my clumsy hands and can stand the test of time.

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