How to Find a Software Sales Job

    Software sales jobs are hot right now. Especially in recessions, sales jobs are still high in demand because the sales jobs end up becoming the revenue life-line for software companies. These jobs can also be extremely lucrative, even in an economic recession. It’s also one of those jobs where you can make good […]

Valentine’s Day Candles

  Do you like to decorate your home for Valentine’s Day? Why not decorate with Valentine’s Day candles? Candles for Valentine’s Day come in various styles and designs. You can find candles shaped like hearts and roses. Some candles even have a nice scent, such as candy or roses. The candles come in different types, […]

6 Fabulous Skincare Products for Women

Keeping skin smooth and healthy is usually at the top of most women’s skincare routines. But finding skincare products that work for your particular skin type can be quite a challenge. These skincare products are all fabulous because they provide instant noticeable results and are recommended for use on all skin types. Better yet, they […]

YouTube Beauty Community Spotlight

If you are not familiar with YouTube, you must be living under a rock. YouTube is full of vloggers, singers, comedians and makeup gurus. If you are familiar with the beauty community, I’m sure you know the big names Pursebuzz, Xsparkage, Pinkiecharm and Fafinettex3. I’d like to introduce you to some hidden gems. Emilynoel83 is […]

5 Awesome Features of the HTC Freestyle Smartphone

  The HTC Freestyle is a new smartphone that’s caught a bad rep for its low quality camera, poor speakers, lack of Wi-Fi support, and its operating system, but there’s a silver lining; the HTC Freestyle also boasts several great features. Great Responsive Touchscreen Display The HTC Freestyle sports a relatively large 3.2 inch display […]

How to Become More Efficient

  Working efficiently means that your efforts should go to high-priority task that contribute to accomplishing your goals. Many people find themselves working hard all day, yet at the end of the day little is accomplished. Let’s look at ways you can become more efficient, at accomplishing your goals. Working efficiently does not eliminate hard […]