How to Become More Efficient


Working efficiently means that your efforts should go to high-priority task that contribute to accomplishing your goals. Many people find themselves working hard all day, yet at the end of the day little is accomplished. Let’s look at ways you can become more efficient, at accomplishing your goals.

Working efficiently does not eliminate hard work. Being efficient requires planning and using your time and energy wisely to accomplish your goals in a shorter period of time. You should start each morning making a list of all the tasks that need to be accomplished for the day. Make sure you list the items on your list in order of importance, from most import on top to least important on the bottom. Make sure that your income producing activities are at the top, as those will be most important.

Always look for shortcuts in every task you do. You don’t have to make drastic changes to the way you do things, however think of small changes you can make to your daily routine that will make the tasks get done faster. Start with having an organizer, like a academic diary.  You will have an easier time to track your to-dos. For example, if you need to go out shopping for different things try to find a place that sells everything you’re looking for under one roof. That way you don’t have to drive to two different locations, saving you time and gas money.

Make sure you stay flexible. The world is always changing, and we must change with it. If we don’t we will be left behind. Also make sure to avoid over scheduling yourself. When making your list, be realistic. List only the things that you know you can accomplish in one day. Sometimes it’s good to wait for tomorrow to finish certain tasks. When tired productivity and efficiency can suffer.

Always think of ways you can become more efficient. Try do similar things at the same time. For example if you need to pay your electricity bill as well as your phone bill, fill out the checks and mailing envelopes at the same time. This is more efficient than paying your electricity bill, then switching to dropping the kids off to school and then later in the day paying the phone bill.

If possible try avoiding multitasking. In today’s fast-paced world we have become used to the concept of multitasking, doing different things at the same time. However multitasking is not always good. You will become more efficient if you focus on finishing one task, and only when you’re done with that task starting another one.

Finally try to find people that are efficient and learn from what they do. It is true that knowledge is power, and the more you know the more efficient you will become. Remember becoming more efficient is all about thinking smart, not working hard. Although hard work is required, if you take time to plan things out and are willing to think of new ways to become more efficient you will soon see better results from all your hard work.

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