Review: Bible Trivia Card Game from Greenbrier International

I needed to pick up some stocking stuffers for the family a few weeks ago (a few days before Christmas) and, since I was on a very tight budget (Christmas fell the week before I got paid), I did a lot of my shopping at our local Dollar Tree store.
My oldest daughter loves things with a religious theme. This started when she first started attending Sunday school and continued when she discovered VeggieTales. So, when I was shopping for her and happened to come across a Bible Trivia Card Game from Greenbrier International, I decided to pick it up for her.

We have only played this game a couple of times but, each time, we both have enjoyed ourselves and even learned something about it.

The game is exactly what the description makes it out to be. It is a deck of cards with a variety of trivia questions on them relating to the Bible. I have never really read the rules and I’m not sure how to keep score. But, my daughter and I have spent quite a few minutes now reading off the questions in an effort to get the correct answer.

When I first bought this game, I was a bit concerned the questions on the cards would be too hard. I have seen similar games in the past that asked questions that were absolutely impossible to answer; for adults as well as kids. So, when we first started playing this, I was prepared to give up after the first few cards.

However, that wasn’t the case. So far, we have found some challenging questions that nobody knew the answer to. But, for every one of those, we have found a question that my daughter actually knew simply from going to Sunday school or watching a show like VeggieTales. And, as a parent, I can tell you games are much more fun for kids if they are able to feel like they are able to play them and not be stumped all the time.

As for the questions we couldn’t answer, those encourage us to look up the answers that are given and learn more about the people and events that are mentioned. And, as I have said before, anything that encourages both my daughter and me to learn something new is always going to score some points with me.

This game probably isn’t going to be for everyone. But, if you want to learn more about the Bible or want to challenge yourself and your kids and find out what you already know, then this is a game I would recommend buying. I know I don’t regret spending $1 on it.

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