Valentine’s Day Candles


Do you like to decorate your home for Valentine’s Day? Why not decorate with Valentine’s Day candles? Candles for Valentine’s Day come in various styles and designs. You can find candles shaped like hearts and roses. Some candles even have a nice scent, such as candy or roses. The candles come in different types, including tealights, pillar, and gel candles. You can even find a flameless candle for Valentine’s Day!

Candles for Valentine’s Day can be found at many stores and online shopping websites that sell candles, home decor, and seasonal or holiday decorations. Some of the stores and websites include Target, Amazon, Sears, and even eBay. The candles and prices vary per store, but each candle is very fitting of the holiday!

If you would like to decorate with candles for Valentine’s Day, then here are a few of the Valentine’s Day candles found on Amazon. You may find the same candles or similar ones in other stores as well.

Valentine Candle Gift Set.
This Valentine candle gift set is a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for yourself or others! The candles smell just like Sweetheart candy! This candle set comes with one pillar candle with a heart on the side, three heart-shaped tealight candles, and a red heart-shaped candle plate. It all comes in a nice red and white Valentine’s Day themed gift box.

Rose Scented Heart Gel Candles – 2 Pack.
This is a two pack of rose scented heart gel candles. The candles are tall glass cylinders with a floating red heart and glitter decorations inside of each. Both candles give off a lovely rose scent. Each candle measures at 3 ¼ inches tall.

Heart Candles with Sachet and Gems – Rose.
This set of candles comes with one antique rose sachet with glass gem beads, two pink rose candles, and two heart shaped glass candle holders. Light the candles to give off a nice rose scent. It all comes in a nice pink and white gift box. This is a very nice gift set to use around the house or give to a loved one. You can also consider giving nice  wooden dinnerware.

Romantic Rose Scented Rosebud Garden Candle 3Pc Set.
This set comes with three rosebud shaped candles. The candles come in red, pink, and white. Each candle is made out of paraffin wax and gives off a nice scent of roses. The candles will burn up to eight hours.

Valentine Heart Flameless Battery 4″ Candle.
Some people do not like to or cannot light candles because of the flame, but Valentine’s Day candle is actually flameless! This candle flickers and glows just like a real candle. To glow, it uses a safe LED light bulb, which will last for up to 100,000 hours. It also requires three “AAA” batteries (which are not included). The may be flameless, but it still gives off a floral scent. The Valentine Heart Flameless Battery candle measures at 4 inches high. To fit in well with Valentine’s Day, this candle is white with red hearts.

Valentine’s Day candles such as the ones on this list are really nice to decorate with. You can buy one or two candles or buy a few and rotate which ones you use in a day or week. If you have any Valentine’s Day candle holders, then you may find a candle that fits perfect with them! If you are decorating the rest of your home for Valentine’s Day, then you may find candles that match your other decorations! Your loved ones and guests will love looking at the candle designs and enjoying the scents! This is a fun way to get your home, loved ones, and yourself ready for Valentine’s Day!

Enjoy decorating your home with Valentine’s Day candles! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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